“ASSOCIATION FOR INVESTOR’S AWARENESS” (AIA) is a Registered Non-For-Profit entity. “ASSOCIATION FOR INVESTOR’S AWARENESS” (AIA) is a Brain Child of its Founder President M. M. Hassan who is working for the cause of the association since 1992.
The Aims and Objectives of “ASSOCIATION FOR INVESTOR’S AWARENESS” (AIA) are as under:
  • To Arrange Seminars, Workshops, Symposium, Presentations, Lectures, Talk-Shows, Group Discussions, Round tables, Visits, Events, Walks, Special Days, for the Education and Awareness of Public at Large and Investing public in General anywhere around the Globe.
  • To Set-Up a website having all available related News, Articles, Reports, Data and Information
  • To create awareness among the masses about the investment opportunities within Pakistan
  • To publish and circulate Newsletters, Bulletins, Brochures, Booklets, Pamphlets, Books, Articles