“ASSOCIATION FOR INVESTOR’S AWARENESS” (AIA) is a Registered Non-For-Profit entity. “ASSOCIATION FOR INVESTOR’S AWARENESS” (AIA) is a Brain Child of its Founder President M. M. Hassan who is working for the cause of the association since 1992.

The Aims and Objectives of “ASSOCIATION FOR INVESTOR’S AWARENESS” (AIA) are as under:

  • To Arrange Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, Presentations, Lectures, Talk-Shows, Group Discussions, Roundtables, Visits, Events, Walks, Special Days, for the Education and Awareness of Public at Large and Investing Public in General anywhere around the Globe.
  • To Create a “Saving and Investment Culture in Pakistan”.
  • To Set-Up a website having all available related News, Articles, Reports, Data and Information
  • To create awareness among the masses about the investment opportunities within Pakistan and
  • To publish and circulate Newsletters, Bulletins, Brochures, Booklets, Pamphlets, Books, Articles,
  • To conduct Surveys, Research, Investigations and Reports about the Investments Opportunities around the Globe through different activities listed above. Data-Sheets, Reports and other written / Printed / Electronic material for the awareness of the masses and submit Suggestions, Proposals and Recommendations to concerned Forums, Authorities, Institutions, Organizations, Individuals and Think-Tanks. Organizations, Forums, Think-Tanks, Individuals and Bodies to promote the activities.
  • To coordinate, collaborate with all the related Organizations, Institutes, Institutions,
  • To Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Local as well as International Institutions, Organizations, Institutes, Universities, Colleges, Research Houses for the doing joint efforts to achieve objectives of the Association.
  • To set-up a Library consisting of Books, Periodicals, News-letters, Written / Virtual Material, CD ’s Data and Newspapers.
  • To set up a Center of Excellence and to Build AIA House / Tower consisting of an Auditorium of International Standard, where researcher can work in an environmentally Friendly Atmosphere.
  • To promote the Environmentally Friendly Activities, Technologies, Products and Services.
  • To do efforts to enhance the Image, Name of Pakistan through its activities all over the world.