CDA is started development in E-12 Sector and Tender is approved today. Prices in E-12 are expected to increase from 20% upto 60% as currently prices are very low as compare to D-12 and E-11 which are fully developed sectors.

Only right time of investment is when you are sure of having certain level of profit. Here the profit is discussed in terms of property business.

There had been two under developed sectors in Zone 1 Islamabad, E-12 & D-12. Due to no-development and no commercial traffic in those sectors their prices were same and quite low in the past. But development started in sector D-12 after 2010, and as expected its market value also increased by almost 50% during first month when even the development project were not even finished.

Similarly now development is going to be started in sector E-12, and according to the market analysts, prices of plots are going to be increased by almost 20-60% of their current price, during the first month of started development.

Main reason of sudden price increase is the location of these sectors is they attach with the capital which already has very high market value in terms of property. Secondly these sectors are located near the Margalla hills, which is already considered as one of the posh areas of Islamabad. Locality plays highly important in the market price of any property.

Apart from locality the internal atmosphere of area also plays very important rule. For example if the environment is calm and peaceful than residential customers would be more interested in buying the property.

In case of D-12, development is quite up to high level for example it has wide roads commercial buildings as well as calm and peaceful residential areas which makes it quite favorable.

All these points contributed in increasing the plot prices in D-12 with the passage of development time. And now it’s’ time for E-12 development and similarly its prices are also expected to be increased with development, which makes it favorable for investment right now.

if you want to make your investment in E-12, you should contact for more details.